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GrowInk-N bioink in the volumes of 2.5 ml, 5 ml and 10 ml.

GrowInk-N - natural opaque bioink made of pure nanofibrillar cellulose.

Product information

GrowInk™-N bioink is an animal free, biocompatible, ready to use, room temperature stable hydrogel that can be mixed directly with cells for bioprinting applications.

The bioink is manufactured from wood-based nanofibrillar cellulose and water, providing a fully defined matrix. The matrix can be customized by the addition of molecules, such as growth factors or adhesion proteins as needed. GrowInk-N can be diluted to provide a wide range of viscosities that can be matched to the requirements of your cells.

GrowInk-N is an excellent choice for a variety of bioprinting applications such as, cell encapsulation, scaffold preparation for tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and drug delivery applications.

Technical Specifications 

  • The product is supplied sterilized
  • Opaque, not autofluorescent, and suitable for microscopy studies
  • Devoid of animal-derived material, endotoxins, and pathogens
  • Biocompatible with human cells and tissues
  • Supplied in a cartridge suitable for bioprinters
  • Storage temperature: 4-22 °C
  • Shipping temperature: Room temperature

 For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.


  • Sterilized, tested and found negative for bacteria, fungi, and mycoplasma
  • Viscosity confirmed by rheology tests