Product information GrowDex-T

GrowDex®-T is a transparent negatively charged hydrogel that consists of nanocellulose (1.0% w/v) and 99.0% purified water. The transparent nature of GrowDex®-T makes it ideal for use in brightfield and phase contrast microscopy applications as well as high content microscopes.

GrowDex®-T is ready to use and can be mixed directly with cells and culture media, no gelation or cross-linking step required. Handling in ambient temperature and the shear thinning property of GrowDex®-T enable easy dispensing and use in automated systems.

To achieve optimal cell growth and differentiation, it is necessary to determine the appropriate concentration of GrowDex®-T and bioactive molecules (e.g., growth factors, extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins, and/or other molecules). Viscosity (i.e. stiffness) of GrowDex®-T can be adjusted with media or PBS accommodate culture of a variety of cell types.

Note: GrowDex®-T is supplied at a working concentration of 1.0%. It is not a concentrate. GrowDex®-T can be used in concentrations between 0.1-1.0%.