Product Information GrowDex-A

GrowDex®-A is a transparent hydrogel that consists of avidin conjugated nanofibrillar cellulose (1.0% w/v) and 99.0% purified water that is supplied sterilized.

The binding capacity of biotinylated molecules e.g. proteins, peptides, antibiotics makes GrowDex-A ideal for use different cell culture applications, such as spheroid formation.

GrowDex-A is ready to use: first mix with the desired biotinylated molecule and then add cells and culture media, no gelation or cross-linking step required. Ambient handling and shear thinning properties of GrowDex-A enable easy dispensing and use in automated systems.

Please refer to the product Instructions for Use and the Quickstart Guide and videos for guidance on use of the product and assay optimization.

Note: GrowDex®-A is supplied at a concentration of 1.0%, it is not a concentrate.